Last Round

China Wins, Korea runner up, Hong Kong third, Finland’s Tormanen wins Fighting Spirit Prize. Three European countries in top ten. Second WAGC win for Hu Hu: “Yes, there is much more to this event than Go alone. The opportunity to … Continue reading →

Interview with Antti Tormanen

Antti Tormanen was awarded the 2009 Shizuo Asada Fighting Spirit Prize, becoming the second Finnish player to receive this award, following Vesa Laatikainen in 2006. This prize is given in recognition not only of fighting spirit but also for good … Continue reading →

Garbarini vs Bustamante

White: Cristiano Garbarini (Italy) 1d Black: Garcia Bustamante (Mexico) 4d Commentary by Michael Redmond 9p, transcribed by Chris Garlock. ITALY-MEXICO: Three Weak Groups When Cristiano Garbarini 1d of Italy creates three weak groups early in his 6th-round game against Emil … Continue reading →

The 7th Round

The seventh round started on time, in fact slightly ahead of the 9:00 starting time, on Saturday, May 30. This would be the last day of the tournament. The podium at the Ecopa Arena was  flanked with flower arrangements in honor … Continue reading →

Burzo vs Koh

White: Cornel Burzo (Romania) 6d Black: Juyong Koh (Canada) 6d Commentary by Michael Redmond 9p, transcribed by Chris Garlock. CANADA-ROMANIA: Conjuring Ko The big question is this game is how a guy with no ko threats winds up with five … Continue reading →

Hu vs. Yoo

_KIFU_START_ ( TE[The 30th WAGC Round4] RD[2009.05.28] PC[Nihonkiin, Tokyo] TM[1 hour 30 minutes] LT[10/15 Canadian byo-yomi] LC[-] KO[6.5 pts] RE[Black won by 6.5.] PB[Lih-Chen vs] BR[Yoo] PW[M.Kanazawa] WR[4-JPN] GK[1] TC[ ] ;B[pd] ;W[dd] ;B[qp] ;W[dq] ;B[do] ;W[op] ;B[oq] ;W[pp] ;B[pq] … Continue reading →

Universal Go Board

It was one year ago that a prototype of  the “Universal Go Board”, Go equipment particularly suited for the visually impaired, was presented during the 29th WAGC. On that occasion a demonstration game was played by Pierre Audouard, the French … Continue reading →

The 6th Round

In the sixth round all interest centered on the game between the two remaining undefeated players from China and Korea. In the preceding rounds Shin-hwan Yoo of Korea had already defeated two strong far eastern opponents, from Hong Kong China and … Continue reading →

Debarre vs Silt

White: Thomas Debarre (France) 5d Black: Ondrej Silt (Czechia) 6d Commentary by Michael Redmond 9p, transcribed by Chris Garlock. Sixteen-year-old Thomas Debarre 5d comes up with a new variation on a popular joseki played by top Japanese player Cho U … Continue reading →