Round 8

The final round started on time at 1:30 at the call of chief referee Masaki Takemiya. Throughout the tournament the players, almost without exception, had kept the pledge of punctuality called for by Alexander Selby of the U.K. at the … Continue reading →

Choi vs Bai

White: Baoxiang Bai. (China) 7d Black: Woo Soo Choi. (Korea) 7d Commentary by Yamashiro Hiroshi 9p, transcribed by Richard Dolen. Both players played very well so Yamashiro 9 dan did not have many opportunities to comment. In the late middle … Continue reading →

Ofstad vs Zhang

White: Morten Ofstad. (Norway) 4d Black: Xiang Zangh. (Singapore) 6d Commentary by Yamashiro Hiroshi 9p, transcribed by Richard Dolen. Black’s solid playing wins out In this game, black avoids unnecessary fighting. His solid play invites an unreasonable invasion by white … Continue reading →

Round 7

The first player to take his seat for round 7 was Japan’s Hironori Hirata, fifteen minutes early, dressed conservatively as always in a gray knit shirt, gray jacket, and gray slacks, and ready with a small gift for his Thai … Continue reading →

Round 6

China’s Baoxiang Bai was also seated early for round 6, looking relaxed in a pink sweatshirt, hooded white trainer, bluejeans, and tennis shoes. Four minutes before the 1:30 starting time he was joined by Chinese Taipei’s Tsung-han Wu, today wearing … Continue reading →