Ri vs Fang

White: RI Kwang Hyok (DPR Korea) 6d Black: FANG Xiaoyan (China -2-) 3d Commentary by So Yokoku 8p, transcribed by Chris Garlock  (translation by Ting Ting Chen). Black makes a fatal mistake early in this game, and then seals her … Continue reading →

Round 2

Following round 1 the players were bused back to the Baiyun Hotel for lunch, which was punctuated by several subtropical bursts of rain. Then they were bused back to the Guangzhou Chess Institute for round 2, which started promptly at … Continue reading →

Round 1

Round 1 began at 9:00 a.m. at the Guangzhou Chess Institute, a half-hour bus ride from the Baiyun Hotel. Chief referee Hua Yigang gave the opening instructions in Chinese, with capable interpretation into English by referee Yang Shuang, and with … Continue reading →


By 2:35 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, most of the contestants in the 33rd World Amateur Go Championship had made a good start on recovering from jetlag, had sampled the breakfast and lunch buffets at Guangzhou’s Baiyun Hotel, and were … Continue reading →