Round 8

Round 8 began with a detailed explanation of the anti-doping procedure. Five players would be tested: the top three finishers, and two others selected at random during the final round. This explanation was given in English by IGF director Martin … Continue reading →

Round 4

With all players present except the still missing Moroccan, the afternoon round started a few minutes early. Two games were over quickly, Luis Cajiao of Costa Rica winning in fifteen minutes, by forfeit, against Morocco, and Martin Li of Sweden … Continue reading →

Round 3

Fifteen minutes before the start of round 3 on May 13, Qiao Zhijian, the main Chinese contestant, was already seated at his board. After defeating opponents from Italy and Singapore in the first two rounds, he would next face the … Continue reading →

Round 2

Following round 1 the players were bused back to the Baiyun Hotel for lunch, which was punctuated by several subtropical bursts of rain. Then they were bused back to the Guangzhou Chess Institute for round 2, which started promptly at … Continue reading →

Round 1

Round 1 began at 9:00 a.m. at the Guangzhou Chess Institute, a half-hour bus ride from the Baiyun Hotel. Chief referee Hua Yigang gave the opening instructions in Chinese, with capable interpretation into English by referee Yang Shuang, and with … Continue reading →