Goodwill Event

For the players at the 2013 World Amateur Go Championship, the first official event was a Goodwill Event held on Saturday morning, August 31, at the AER complex in Sendai. Naturally, it was a go-playing event. The Championship contestants were … Continue reading →

31st General Meeting of the IGF

Another event at the 33rd World Amateur Go Championship was the annual General Meeting of the International Go Federation. This took place on May 12 in the conference room at the Baiyun Hotel, following the orientation meeting. The general meeting … Continue reading →


By 2:35 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, most of the contestants in the 33rd World Amateur Go Championship had made a good start on recovering from jetlag, had sampled the breakfast and lunch buffets at Guangzhou’s Baiyun Hotel, and were … Continue reading →

Closing Ceremony

The World Mind Games ended with a closing ceremony and a huge banquet on December 16th at the Beijing Intercontinental Grand Hotel. Ms Hou Yulan, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, and Mr Hein Verbruggen, … Continue reading →