Tsuruta (left) playing Lin

In the fourth round of the men’s team competition, the teams from China and Korea disposed of the teams from Europe and North America without dropping a game, but the match between Chinese Taipei and Japan was a show-stopper. Japan got off to a good start on board one: Fujita Akihiko dominated Chinese Taipei’s veteran Chou Chun-hsun nearly throughout the game. When Chou resigned it looked as if Japan was also in good shape on boards two and three, but Wang Yuan-jyun launched a desperate counterattack on board two that succeeded against all odds, and then Lin Chun-yen magically turned a middle-game deficit into an endgame lead and won on board three. Match to Chinese Taipei, two games to one. Tomorrow the Chinese and Korean teams will play each other for the gold and silver medals, and if Chinese Taipei can beat the European team, they will have a bronze medal.

The medals are also beginning to fall into place in the women’s individual competition. Chinese players will win the gold and silver medals. Yu Zhiying will play Wang Chenxing again tomorrow to decide who gets which. Park Jieun, who won in the morning but lost to Ms Wang in the afternoon, has the bronze medal. Chang Cheng-ping, who lost in the morning, won the afternoon playoff for fourth place.


Men’s team tournament, fourth round

Chinese Taipei 2-1 Japan
Fujita Akihiko beat Chou Chun-hsun
Wang Yuan-jyun beat Hirata Tomoya
Lin Chun-yen beat Tsuruta Kazushi

China 3-0 Europe
Fan Tingyu beat Fan Hui
Zhou Ruiyang beat Ilya Shikshin
Wang Xi beat Pavol Lisy

Korea 3-0 North America
Park Jeonghwan beat Huiren Yang
Kim Jiseok beat Daniel Daehyuk Ko
Cho Hanseung beat Yongfei Ge

Women’s individual tournament, fifth round
Wang Chenxing (China) beat Svetlana Shikshina (Russia)
Park Jieun (Korea) beat Chang Cheng-ping (Chinese Taipei)
Women’s individual tournament, sixth round
Wang Chenxing (China) beat Park Jieun (Korea)

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