Tournament conditions

8-round Swiss system.
All games to be played on even, with Black giving a 6½ points komi.
Time allowance of 60 minutes per player, followed by byo-yomi of 30 seconds x 3 times.
Tournament clocks will be used for all games.
Any problems during matches will be settled by the referees.
The referees will be professional players from the Korea Baduk Association.


The winner will be given the title of the ’35th World Amateur Go Champion’ and will receive a trophy, the Certificate of Award and a small gift.
Winners of 2nd to 3rd places will receive a trophy, the Certificate of Award, and a small gift
Winners of 4th to 10th places will receive a Certificate of Award, and a small gift.
Two players not placed in the top ten who have demonstrated fair play and fighting spirit will be awarded special prize.


Hosts Gyeongju CityRepublic of Korea
Organisers Korea Baduk AssociationKorea Amateur Baduk Association
Sponsors Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Republic of Korea,
Korea Sports Promotion Organization, Korean Olympic Committee, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongju Olympic Committee, Hyundai Hotel Gyeongju
Cooperation Gyeongbuk Baduk Association
International Go Federation


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