After a lunch of fish and assorted kimchi, the players returned to the underground playing area, where they would continue to the second round of this year’s World Amateur Go Championship.

Ohlenbuch (left) playing Leuner

Ohlenbuch (left) playing Leuner

Within fifteen minutes Hungary’s Pal Balogh’s game had yet again finished in a flurry, but this time with victory over Khatanbaatar Tsend-Ayush, a hotel manager from Mongolia. Also quick to finish was the US-India game, both players playing very rapidly until the end. Soon after, South African John William Leuner was defeated by Danish postman Arne Steen Ohlenbuch when his group became entangled in a web of black stones.

This was not the only spectacular game this afternoon. A large crowd gathered around the Indonesia-Luxembourg match-up as semeais erupted and dead stones littered the board. The Malaysian representative Suzanne D’Bel launched a fierce attack on Brazilian representative Csaba Deak and, although he managed to avert this assault, another group came under fire, leading in decisive victory for D’Bel.


D’bel (left) Playing Deak

But the bloodshed didn’t stop there. An audible groan was let out by Francis Roads of the UK as he tried to find a way to save his group from Australian Sangdae Hahn’s onslaught. Not finding a solution, the stone in Roads’ hand was slammed back into the pot, followed shortly by resignation. The candidates from Costa Rica and Portugal joined the list of casualties as large groups were swallowed up by their Belarusian and Lithuanian counterparts.

No suprises again at the top. Korea, China, Japan and Chinese Taipei all won their games. A highlight was Korea-Canada, with Canada’s Yongfei Ge, back again from last year, putting up strong resistance in a relatively peaceful game. His 45-point lower side was not quite enough to overcome Taewoong Wei. Japan vs Singapore took the longest to finish but in the end Kiko Emura’s lead in territory sealed another Japanese victory.

– John Richardson

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