Suzan D'Bel

Suzan D’Bel

After the drama of this morning’s course of events, we expected a less exciting offering this afternoon, but that was not to be the case. China, Korea and Chinese Taipei pushed ahead with their victories against the Ukraine, Hong Kong and Sweden.

Malaysia’s Suzanne D’Bel finally got the chance to employ her trademark tengen strategy, picking black for the first time so far in the tournament. A fight erupted in the first few moves that engulfed the board, eventually leading to the demise of her Portugese opponent Pedro Pereira. See here the game record. Costa Rican system engineer Luis Enrique Boza Araya tried again to mimic D’Bel’s winning strategy but was clinically dispatched by his Swiss adversary Sylvain Gasana Praz.


Matthias Frisch (left) playing Ricardo Quintero Zazueta

Canadian Yongfei Ge snuffed Japan’s Kiko Emura’s ambitions once and for all in an exciting game in which Ge built a gigantic central moyo. Emura went all in with a desperate invasion but it was not enough to shake Canada’s WAGC veteran (game record here).

Elsewhere crazy fighting led to the downfall of Israeli Amir Fragman, and Austrian student Matthias Frisch’s skilful handling of a gigantic semeai dealt him victory against Mexican mathematician Ricardo Quintero Zazueta.

– John Richardson

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