(;GM[1]FF[1]PB[Suzuki vs Kim]SZ[19]NE[B]SS[@@]AP[StoneLeaf2]

White: Suzuki Ayumi 3p (Japan)

Black: Kim Yumi 3d (DPR Korea)

Komi: 6.5, Women Team,  4th round

Commentary by Enda Hideki 9p. (Click on the diagram to launch the game viewer. SGF available here).

Black 13. The normal move here is a pincer, perhaps at 21.
White 28. With good positions on both sides, White is satisfied so far.
White 32. This starts an interesting fight.
White 62. White 241, making an empty triangle, would have been a stronger move.
White 72. The result in the bottom right is fair for both players, but Black`s next move is difficult. Having traded territory for outside influence, she has to find a way to use the influence.
Black 73. Black would like to wall off the center, but Black 202, answered by White 74, gives up too much at the bottom. Perhaps Black 74, answered by White 202, would have worked better. Black could continue with Black 201, White 78, and then cut. With White 24 in place, the cutting stone might die, but Black might be able to make a central wall by sacrificing it.
White 74. An ideal attachment. Now Black will have to look elsewhere for a place to use her bottom right influence.
Black 79. Comparatively small. Black should have played 81, followed by White 82, Black 188, White 187, Black 92.
White 80-102. White gives up territory at the top in order to nullify Black`s central power, and then takes compensating territory in the bottom left. After this White plays steadily on to victory.

Result: White wins by 8.5 points.

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