Peter Jadron (left) playing Rafif Shidqi Fitrah

China has taken the sole lead with Ruoran Wang’s decisive victory over Chinese Taipei’s Yitien Chan in the fifth round of the 35th WAGC. The game itself was relatively uneventful but it was clear that Wang was in the driving seat throughout. It remains to be seen whether Korea can level the score with the Korea-China showdown this afternoon. Other players still with a chance include Bogdan Zhurakovskyi (Ukraine), Dmitri Surin (Russia), Peter Jadron (Slovakia), Lukas Podpera (Czech Republic), Jie Liang (USA), Merlijn Kuin (Netherlands) and Tiawattananont Thanapol (Thailand), all with four wins and one loss.

The fifth round of the World Amateur Go Championship began at the usual time of 9.30am this morning. A late arrival from Austria helped German Bernd Rainer Radmacher speed to victory, and the Serbian star Nikola Mitic quickly took down Belgium accountant Dominique Versyck, killing a large group just before the clock struck ten. Zhijie Bei (New Zealand) and Khatanbaatar Tsend-Ayush (Mongolia) both had corner groups captured but it was the Kiwi who was able to fight back and win his game against Altan Kuntay from Turkey. A strong performance from Spanish sales manager Carlos Pau brought him victory against the tough opponent Australia’s Sang-Dae Hahn, a surprise to many.


Dia 1                                        Dia 2

The young Polish student Stanislaw Frejlak was drawn against Japan’s Kiko Emura. Against the Japanese’s sanrensei, Frejlak responded with an unusual trick-play (white A in diagram 1). But Emura was quick to churn out the book-line refutation (see diagram 2) and subsequently won the game.

Yet more byoyomi drama ensued with Hungarian Pal Balogh blaming a broken timepiece for his loss on time to Dutch legend Merlijn Kuin. His opponent was too deep in thought to have seen what happened, so the decision went down to the referees. Heated discussion led to the final verdict of victory for the Dutchman.

– John Richarson

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