Bomun Lake

This morning treated the WAGC players to a clear sky and magnificent views of Lake Bomun. But news of the approach of Typhoon Neoguri left many worried about their return flights. There was turbulent weather on the Go board too, with numerous upsets and even a disqualification.

The playing room swarmed with referees as Bahadur Tahirbayov’s flag was lowered signaling his disqualification from this morning’s round. The Azerbaijani was nowhere to be seen. Officials were sent on a search party to his hotel room, where it emerged that he had been unable to awake from a deep slumber that cost him his penultimate game.

Lukas Podpera

Lukas Podpera

Japan’s Kiko Emura suffered another defeat, this time at the hands of Czech Lukas Podpera, who played an excellent game winning comfortably with a tight endgame. This means that Japan will struggle to make the top 10, a bitter result for Emura who was pulling out all stops after his disappointing 8th in last year’s tournament.

Russia was dismantled by China. A large Russian group was fatally encirled, leaving Dmitry Surin many points behind. He went all in with a last ditch ko but Ruoran Wang cooly let the Russian take a few points, content with seizing the rest of the board. More wins for China and Chinese Taipei, leaving the three Asian Go giants China, Korea and Chinese Taipei in tied pole position.

Korea and Chinese Taipei have the same tiebreak score (sum of opponents’ scores) of 30 with China close behind with 28. This means, assuming that these players all win their final games, the overall winner will be down to the results of their previous opponents. We will let fate decide.

The anti-doping test will take place immediately after the final round and before the award ceremony.


– John Richardson

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