With all players present except the still missing Moroccan, the afternoon round started a few minutes early. Two games were over quickly, Luis Cajiao of Costa Rica winning in fifteen minutes, by forfeit, against Morocco, and Martin Li of Sweden taking only a few more minutes to force Bayarjargal Shartolgoi of Mongolia to resign.

The game between China’s Qiao Zhijian and Hong Kong’s Chan Chihan also proceeded at a fast pace. Qiao built straight black walls that cut off weak white groups. Chan fought back valiantly, even managing to isolate one of Qiao’s walls, but Qiao blithly abandoned it and cut off another of Chan’s groups. Chan’s attempt to save it was unsuccessful, and endangered one of his corner groups. Qiao’s victory by resignation was not entirely unexpected.

Lee (left) and Matoh

Taking black against Korea’s Lee Hyunjoon, Slovenia’s Leon Matoh played his first three stones in a diagonal triple star-point formation (4-4, 10-10, 16-16). Lee gained a lead in the opening, which became decisive when Leon made a buy discount cialis online mistake in the direction of play in the middle game. Lee then simplified the game by winning a ko fight, becoming strong in the center, and won by resignation.

Italy’s Carlo Metta also played on 10-10 in the opening, and with more success, defeating Portugal’s Daniele Tome.

Lukas Podpera

The game between Chinese Taipei’s Chen Cheng-Hsun and Czechia’s Lukas Podpera ended in another victory for the Far Eastern player, but it took some time to get the victory nailed down. ‘I was not crushed,’ Lukas said afterward. ‘I was behind by about five points, then I made a mistake by playing a move that he could ignore and I was behind by ten points, and that’s how far behind I was when I resigned.
‘We both knew about each other,’Lukas continued.’I knew he had been U16 world youth champion and was playing at the professional level. He must have known about me because he played much more slowly in this game than in his first three games. I did not feel badly about losing. So far the tournament is going nicely.’

The game between DPR Korea’s Ri Kwang-Hyok and Romania’s Cornel Burzo was one of the last to finish. Cornel made the most of this rare opportunity to challenge a North Korean opponent, but resigned at 4:35.

At this point the French-Hungarian game was still going, Remi Campagnie vs Pal Balogh, and it was going well for the Hungarian. Pal used the same variation of the avalanche joseki that he had tried against DPR Korea’sRi Kwang-Hyok in round 2. Later he set up an exchange that put him far in the lead, and eventually Remi resigned.

Nakazono (left), referees Liu and Sun (center) and Zhou (photo by John Pinkerton)

By now all games had ended except for the Japan-U.S.A. contest. Mr Nakazono’s Japanese supporters had again gathered to watch, and they had seen him pull ahead by at least 15 points on the board in the late middle game and endgame. With only a few moves left to be made, Yuan played a connection on the first line and hurriedly pushed his clock button two or three times in succession. Mr Nakazono responded by waving his hand at the clock. Both players then appeared to be in doubt as to what the clock was doing. After a while, the clock announced ‘Overtime,’ meaning that Mr Nakazono had lost on time. Mr Nakazono’s supporters protested that the clock had malfunctioned. A group of five referees gathered around the board to try to sort the situation out. Executive chief referee Liu Jing was summoned. In his presence, the clock’s internal records were verified and the clock was repeatedly tested. The final decision was that the clock had not malfunctioned and its announcement would stand. Mr Nakazono conceded the game.

The undefeated players are now all from the Far East: Qiao Zhijian (China), Lee Hyunjoon (Korea), Chen Cheng-Hsun (Chinese Taipei), and Ri Kwang-Hyok (DPR Korea). Tomorrow morning the two Koreans will play each other while Chen Cheng-Hsun challenges Qiao Zjhijian.

Also on the slate for tomorrow morning are matches in the three-win band between Slovakia and The Netherlands, Denmark and Hungary, Romania and Singapore, Finland and Hong Kong, the U.K. and the U.S.A., Germany and New Zealand, and Czechia and Japan.

– James Davies



在另一桌,斯洛文尼亚的莱昂•马托执黑先行,他的头三子连续下在星位上(4-4, 10-10, 16-16),而对手李炫准从开局就一路保持决定性优势,即便中场出现失误,也没有太大影响。最后,李炫准成功占领中腹,对手认输。




文James Davies / 译 陈婷婷

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