(;GM[1]FF[1]PB[Lee vs Song]SZ[19]NE[B]SS[@@]AP[StoneLeaf2]

White: Lee Minjin 9p (S. Korea)
Black: Song Ronghui 1p (China)

Komi: 6.5, Women`s Individuals, Final

Commentary by Enda Hideki 9p.
(Click on the diagram to launch the game viewer. SGF available here).

Up to White 1, the position is evenly balanced. With 1, White seeks to expand the central moyo while putting pressure on Black`s corner. But this proves too ambitious; after Black 2, the flow of play dictates that White defend. Now Black can play the big point at 4, judging that the corner can weather any White attack. The balance has shifted in favor of Black.

Instead of 1, an invasion of the top right corner at A is a possibility.

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