The second edition of the World Mind Games is about to start on 12 December with the last preparations currently in progress. This year’s event, hosted in Beijing, China, will include 8 days of competitions in 5 mind sports; Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go, Xiangqi (Chinese Chess). Players representing the different mind sports are some of the world’s best, including:

BRIDGE: Fu Zhong, Bauke Muller, Peter Bertheau and Fredryk Nystrom, Joe Grue, Ming Sun, Catherine d’Ovidio, Nicola Smith, Lynn Deas

CHESS: Humpy Koneru, Aronyan Levon, Rajabov Teymur, Karyakin Sergey, Hou Yifan, Muzychuk Anna

DRAUGHTS: Alexei Chizov, Alexander Georgiev, Zoja Golubeva

GO: Jiang Weijie, Chen Yaone, Park Jeonghwan, Choi Chulhan

XIANGQI: Wang Tian Yi, Nguyen Hoang Lam, Lei Kam Fun, Ng Jun Ming, Chan, Chun Kit, Chen Li Chun, Jia Dan, Cao Phuong Thanh

The 2012 SportAccord World Mind Games have an extensive Social, Cultural & Educational Programme which will run in parallel to the competitions and involve the local public, especially students. The following five ambassadors will represent the different participating sports and promote them among public. Bridge: Sjoert Brink, Chess: Hou Yifan, Draughts: Alexey Chizhov, Go: Missingham Joanne Jia Jia, Xiangqi: Chan Chun Kit. In addition, the winners of the online tournament will join SportAccord World Mind Games in Beijing to meet and play against the Grand Masters.

Twenty-four media platforms will air the event and the television broadcast will be available in 64 territories around the world. The live web-streaming will be available on The Mind Games Channel on Youtube.

SportAccord World Mind Games are a multi-sports event which highlights the great value of mind sports. The world’s best players deliver top-level performances and create new valuable experiences based on intelligence, strategy and exercise of mind.

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– SportAccord Press Release

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