Redmond (left) and Sun

Only one game took place in the playing room at the Beijing International Convention Center on the morning of December 16. Sun Naijing, winner of the Pandanet-SportAccord Online Go Tournament and official guest at the World Mind Games, took on Michael Redmond in a regulation game with clocks, broadcast live on the Internet by Ms Taki Hiroko of Pandanet was on hand to give the players their starting instructions. Mr Sun spent most of the game rescuing a large black group, and although it survived,

the collateral damage was so great that he resigned. Shortly after the game ended, he gave interviews to IEC TV and Ranka.

IEC TV: How do you feel about the game you’ve just played? Can you explain why you lost?
Sun: I tried my best, but I was playing a professional 9-dan, and he was much stronger. This wasn’t a tournament game, it was a goodwill match, so I didn’t feel under any psychological pressure, but time pressure was a factor. I would have liked more time to think about my last few moves.

IEC TV: Did you enjoy the game?
Sun: Yes. As an amateur player, I play more for fun than to win.

Ranka: How did you come to start playing go at the age of nine?
Sun: I was in primary school in Shanghai at the time. A go teacher came to our school, and that’s when I started playing and studying the game. Afterwards we moved to Anhui Province, and I continued studying there.

Ranka: Do you remember your first tournament?
Sun: Yes, it was in Anhui Province, when I was twelve years old. My results were only so-so.

Ranka: Please tell us about your education and work.
Sun: I majored in mathematics, and now I direct the Scientific Research Institution in the Statistical Bureau of Anhui Province.

Ranka: And please tell us about your family.
Sun: I have a daughter. She plays go a little.

Ranka: Had you played any foreign players before Michael Redmond?
Sun: I think I’ve played with foreign go players before on the Internet, but this was the first time I faced a foreign opponent in person. I was playing black without compensation, so I might have had some chance of winning if I had played better, but he was very strong.

Ranka: Besides playing on the Internet, what are your current go activities?
Sun: I play in local tournaments in Anhui Province.

Ranka: Thank you and good look in your next tournament.

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