Su Sheng-fang

Su Sheng-fang, the 16-year-old pro from Chinese Taipei, was one of the eight unseeded players in the women’s division. She came to the World Mind Games with her mother, who lent moral support during the following interview with Ranka.

Ranka: First, please tell us about the three games you played here against Irene Sha, Park Jieun, and Mukai Chiaki.
Su: All three of them were very strong. In the last two games I tried hard to win, but I wasn’t able to.

Ranka: How old were you when you started to play go?
Su: I was eight. I was a noisy child and I wasn’t good at arithmetic, so Mother started sending me to a go club. She thought it would do me good.

Ranka: And then?
Su: A year or so after that I became an insei, and then last year I made professional shodan.

Ranka: What tournaments have you won so far?
Su: Quite a lot of amateur tournaments. I was women’s champion in Chinese Taipei three years in a row.

Ranka: Have you played in other international tournaments before this one?
Su: Yes,

seven times, six times in China and once in Korea. But this is my first SportAccord event.

Ranka: Is there any professional player that you particularly admire?
Su: Lee Sedol.

Ranka: What are your outside interests and hobbies?
Su: Singing and dancing. I like street dancing, sort of like what we saw at the Opening Ceremony.

Ranka: Thank you.

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