Murakawa Daisuke (left) and Mukai Chiaki

Though not a title winner in Japan, Mukai Chiaki has challenged for women’s titles six times, and was promoted this year to 5 dan. She has frequently represented Japan in international competition, and has done well in team and pair competition at both SportAccord World Mind Games, earning three bronze medals. Ranka spoke with her after the individual competition, in which she defeated Su Sheng-fang of Chinese Taipei in between losses to Rui Naiwei of China and Choi Jeong of Korea, and again after the pair competition.

Ranka: How do you feel about the games you played in the individual competition?
Mukai: Aside from losing two of them, I’m dissatisfied with the way I played. I wasn’t playing well.

Ranka: And the pair competition?
Mukai: I’m glad that we were able to win a medal. I only wish we had been able to do a little better. Overall, I hope I can put my experience here to good use the next time I compete.

Ranka: How do you

compare the team competition last year with the individual competition this year?
Mukai: There wasn’t that much difference. In a team tournament each individual game is a factor in whether the team wins or loses, so regardless of whether it’s a team tournament or an individual tournament, you have the same feeling as you play. But with a team tournament, there’s an additional sense of team spirit.

Ranka: Given the opportunity, do you want to play in the SportAccord World Mind Games again next year?
Mukai: Yes, I do.

Ranka: Thank you.

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