Goodwill Event

For the players at the 2013 World Amateur Go Championship, the first official event was a Goodwill Event held on Saturday morning, August 31, at the AER complex in Sendai. Naturally, it was a go-playing event. The Championship contestants were paired against a group of local players of all ages.

Quite a few local people also turned out to watch the match, and some of them had harrowing tales to tell of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Sendai in 2011.

The event started with an exchange of gifts: one contestant received a bottle of Japanese sake, and a small kimono-clad local girl received a South American yerba mate teapot.The games were played in an atmosphere of quiet concentration followed by a lot of good-natured fraternization. To add to the good cheer, introductory lessons in go were being held for a large and lively group of local children on the same floor.

Click here to see more pictures of the event.

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