Franz-Josef Dickhut

The last German Championship was not so good for me. I seemed to be in bad shape, and I finished sixth. After winning the championship for the previous three years that was a rather shocking drop in performance. So my hope here in Sendai is to get back to what my usual game used to be, and maybe find some inspiration to fight back in Germany in the future. But there are quite a few strong German players coming up now. One of course is Lukas Krämer who won the championship this year, and who will go to China with Benjamin Teuber to study go for half a year. Another is Jonas Welticke, who studied in Japan for three months. Another is Johannes Obenaus, who is 23 years old and will be going to Taiwan for almost a year. After they come back, my chances of becoming German champion again will be rather slim. There are now a lot of German players who are getting stronger. This is good for us because we need to improve our position in relation to the rest of Europe; we’ve lost out place in group A in the Pandanet League and we’d like to regain it.


– Ranka

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