Artem Kachanovskyi (Ukraine, 6d) reviewed his second game of the tournament, where he lost by 7.5 points to Shin-Wei Lin (Chinese Taipei, 7d).

DSC_9247 Ukraine - Artem Kachanovskyi 6d

Artem Kachanovskyi

Artem: The game took a sour turn in the opening, leaving me with a position I didn’t know how to save. I invaded his large central territory and gained a good result, taking good compensation in exchange for sacrificing a group with ko. A big fight followed, where I was left with a choice: to attack his weak group or to take points calmly. Thinking I was ahead, I chose the latter, but he unexpectedly made many points too, leaving an unclear endgame that I finally lost. I was a little disappointed.

Ranka: What have you been doing recently, and what are your hopes for the tournament?
Artem: I am studying at university, with a part time programming job in the afternoon developing factory systems. This is my third time in Japan, and of course I would like to reach a high position in the tournament, but I have no specific goals.

Ranka: What about your go study? You seem to spend less time on KGS these days.
Artem: Actually I have been taking a bit of a break from go and didn’t really do any serious study for two years. It is only since this year’s European Go Congress that I properly got back into it. Since then I have begun to play on Tygem, where I want to reach 9d as soon as possible to be able to play the strongest possible opponents. In terms of study methods, my preferred approach is reviewing professional game records, in particular games commented by the players themselves. I like to see how they are thinking.

– John Richardson; photo John Pinkerton


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