Suzanne D’Bel (right) playing Ilya Shikshin

In Malaysia there is a Japan club. Malaysian players gather there once a week to play go. Japanese people come too. Currently there aren’t so many players, but they’re trying to expand the go population. Some of my friends have started classes to teach kids how to play. As for me, I’m living in Japan now. My 3-dan ranking is from the net, from KGS, but ranks in Malaysia are about the same as KGS ranks.
I’ve recently learned the style of play where you build a big framework, and then let your opponent come into it so you can you attack him. That’s why I like to play tengen openings. They’re good for fighting.

I’m studying media design at Keio University in Japan. It’s quite a new course. It started six years ago. We study the basics of technology, design, and management, and learn how to combine them all together. The research lab I am in now is more into robotics, more into human-computer interactions. Recently we’ve set up a new Living Lab Tokyo, which just recently became part of the European Network of Living Labs. We’re located in the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan). We do workshops and user studies. We’re now focusing on how to create an invisible computing and living environment, on how to get data from users. For example, our lab has created methods of using soft materials as an interface, where the sensors can’t be seen. There are lots of other projects too.

– James Davies

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