Ranka takes you behind the scenes to the players’ lunch room, where four choices of ‘bento’ lunch boxes are provided each day. We asked three players to compare the food they have had during the World Amateur Go Championship in Japan with what they’re used to at home.

Javier Savolainen (Finland, 5 dan)
Finland is famous for being dubbed the country with the worst food in the world. A particularly infamous delicacy is a black liquorice flavored with ammonium chloride – most people can barely eat it but actually I think it’s not so bad. My favorite meal here in Japan was at a Korean barbecue restaurant. Actually I’m going to live in Korea for a year as an exchange student, so am looking forward to trying plenty more.

Mikhail Savitski (Belarus, 1 kyu)
For me, the most delicious food is our national food draniki, a sort of potato pancake made with onions. In Japan I have tried many delicious things, although to be honest I have no idea what most of them are! Miso soup is nice, and I drink it every morning at the hotel.


From the left: Zingoni, Savolainen and Savitski

Alberto Zingoni (Italy, 2 kyu)
I’m from Florence, and Tuscany must be the best place in Italy for wine and food… well, except for the fried pizza! It’s my first time outside Europe, but I’m enjoying my trip here in Japan very much. I find Japanese food tends to be served cold and I am not used to that so much. Soba is like cold pasta, so I’m not a big fan, but the fish here is excellent.

We wish the three players success in their final games this afternoon.

– John Richardson

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