The Crucial Round

China has taken the sole lead with Ruoran Wang’s decisive victory over Chinese Taipei’s Yitien Chan in the fifth round of the 35th WAGC. The game itself was relatively uneventful but it was clear that Wang was in the driving … Continue reading →

Passing on the Torch

The 35th World Amateur Go Championship marks the retirement of Yuki Shigeno from her post as the Secretary General of the International Go Federation (IGF). We look back at all she has contributed to the Go world since she began her … Continue reading →


Photos by John Pinkerton. From top left: Nhat Minh Vo, Kiko Emura, Taewoong Wei, Merlijn Kuin, Suzanne D’Bel, Niccolò Sgaravatti, Zoran Mutabzija and Dmitry Surin. More photos here. … Continue reading →

Round 3 – Chan vs Wei

Round 3 White: Yitien Chan (Chinese Taipei) 7D Black: Taewoong Wei (Korea) 7D Click here to start the game viewer. Commentary/variations by Chan & Wei, with assistance by Chengping Chang 3P (Taiwan team leader), Chihyung Nam 1P, Thomas Hsiang and translator Hana Lee. Transcribed … Continue reading →

Round Four Roundup

After the drama of this morning’s course of events, we expected a less exciting offering this afternoon, but that was not to be the case. China, Korea and Chinese Taipei pushed ahead with their victories against the Ukraine, Hong Kong … Continue reading →

A New Member in the Go Community

“I think it’s great that so many countries are getting together for an international competition!” were the words of Chai Hui Lim, the second President of the Brunei Darussalam Go Association, on her first visit to the World Amateur Go … Continue reading →